Monday, April 18, 2011

My blog ... of ...

I decided to create a blog for sewing and Patchwork ... or better for all my projects ... I hope in many followers.

This blog is dedicated to Country Living of which I am in love with ... I'd like to live in a beautiful cottage with a little garden ... but dreaming it costs nothing and perhaps I can change the style of my house with some vintage or country objects.

This is my ideal house and garden ...

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck with your new blog!
    I love your pretty header - a very country feel to it.
    Your ideal house and garden look lovely.
    But you can create a beautiful country feel home wherever you are, in a flat in a city or wherever,you dont need to be in the country. I have always done so wherever i was (in flats in London even!). I too have always loved the homeliness of country style and longed for a country home down a lane - and at the age of 50 I finally achieved this dream last year!
    So good luck with making your home feel countrified in the meantime - quilts and flowers and comfy sofas and cushions, and some vintage finds picked up for a little amount will all add to the feel wherever you are!
    have fun!
    Gill x